Welcome to our company!

Eurocomp Elektronik Gmbh is known for innovative components in power electronics.

For more than 30 years we offer standard- as well as customized innovative active and passive power components in close relation with exclusive partners.

Our Products

Power Semiconductors

Transistors (MOSFET, SPDT, SPST and IGBT) and diodes in Si-, SiC and MEMS technology as single components or modules in different package technologies for voltages 600V up to 1700V and currents up to 600A.

Efficient transformers

Application specific for AC and DC applications. Power range between 5W and 20kW as single components. Suitable  for switching frequencies from 50kHz up to 2MHz. 97 -99 % efficiency.

High performance capacitors

performance from 75kVAr up to 1500kVAr (also fluid-cooled). Capacitance from 0,25 µF up to 85µF. Frequency range from a few kHz (MF) up to 100MHz (VHF)

EMV Filters

Standard and customized AC and DC EMV filters for all inverter applications, also for Solar inverters, net bound, without transformer and DC-decoupled

Power management SoC solutions

AC/DC, DC/DC highly integrated ICs in the range of several Watts up to several 100 Watts. Highest efficiency up to 94%. Available for transformer-less design and smallest form factors. HELIX / SILANNA

Ideal Switches

Menlo Micro, featuring it’s Ideal Switch™ technology optimizes our Customer’s electrification of everything.  With a multiple market (Test & Measurement, Aerospace & Defense, Telecom, Medical, Consumer & Smart Power) focus, Menlo’s products have the ability to go from milliwatts-to-kilowatts and DC-to-light.

High Reliable Connector Systems

Design and manufacturing of most reliable electrical connector and cable assembly products for high end applications

Current Sensors

High Resolution Current Sensors. Contact and Contactless versions. Patented XtremeSense® TMR (Tunnel Magneto-Resistance) Technology for High Magnetic Sensivity, Stable Performance over Temperature, Low Noise and Low Power Consumption